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Annual Waiver (Applies to players reserving programs & open time court bookings)

Print & Sign Single Use Daily Waiver (does NOT apply to program registrants & open time court bookings)

All players with court reservations and program registrants must fill out a WAIVER & RELEASE (W & R) prior to on-court play.  All players and guests must present a government issued photo ID upon arrival. 

Beginners, intermediates, and advanced-level players: We have the right programs for your experience. 

NTC ratings are required for all students new to the NTC.  New students of all ages and levels - above the beginner level - must be evaluated to obtain an NTC rating. 

Click here to schedule your evaluation. 

Complete beginner-level students will be assigned a beginner NTC rating, enabling registration for an NTC program without the need for an evaluation. Please contact us at so our team can assign the NTC beginner-level rating to your profile.

Adult NTC Ratings Guide

Tennis Programs:

Instructional Programs (Weekday daytime | Evenings & weekends)

Intro to Tennis 101 (NTC Rating 1.0/1.0S)
This player is new to the game of tennis. The beginner player has no prior experience in the game of tennis. The focus of this class is learning the rules and basic concepts that are essential to play. Low-compression balls are used based on the student's needs in order to enhance the experience and allow students to learn skills quickly. 90-minute class.

Novice 102 (NTC Rating 1.5/1.5S/2.0S)
Novice 102 is a continuation of Tennis 101 for players who are beginning to serve, rally, and score. Players continue to enhance their fundamentals and overall control. This program will focus on game-based drills, basic court positioning, shot placement, and doubles strategy. 90-minute class.

NTC Rally (NTC Rating 2.0-2.5/2.5S)
NTC Rally will emphasize a variety of play-based activities. The focus will be placed on fundamental stroke production and the development of game skills with attention to ball recognition and footwork. Players will build endurance and strategy through fun games, drills, and friendly competition. Players can sustain rallies with more consistency. This class is for players that are familiar with basic positions for singles and doubles. 90-minute class.

NTC Bronze (NTC Rating 2.6-3.0/3.0S-3.5S)

NTC Bronze classes will focus on improving the technique of the players who just moved up from the Rally class. This level will focus on the refinement of fundamental strokes such as forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. Players will learn shot placements and the importance of court positioning in doubles.  Drills are appropriate for Bronze-level players. 

NTC Silver (NTC Rating 3.1-3.5/4.0S)

NTC Silver will focus on improving the player that moved up from the Bronze class. These players will be introduced to the advanced parts of the game, such as ball placement and court positioning to construct points in doubles. Silver players will also be taught to use their strengths in singles and doubles matches, where technique will be overviewed.  Drills are appropriate for Silver-level players. 

NTC Gold (NTC Rating 3.6-4.0/4.5S)

NTC Gold is the highest instructional class offered at the NTC. This class is for the advanced player. These players are taught how to maximize their ability at a competitive level. The classes are more focused on games and drills. The Gold classes are designed to push the player's athletic ability and stamina. The technique is overviewed in Gold classes. Drills are advanced and appropriate for Gold-level players. 

 Updated August 2023.

Cardio/Play-based Programs (Weekday daytimes | Evenings & weekends)

NTC Zone 

Players in Zone classes are placed in an appropriate group based on their skill level with an emphasis on play.

A music-powered and high-tempo game-based class. Classes often rotate among multiple courts in competitive, friendly, fast-paced games. Players benefit from a great workout in an upbeat atmosphere where point playing and fun are the goals. 

A music-powered and high-tempo game-based class for the more advanced players. Classes often rotate among multiple courts in competitive, friendly, fast-paced games. Players benefit from a great workout in an upbeat atmosphere where point playing and fun are the goals. 

Drill and Play

Doubles Drill and Play offers the serious tennis player a chance to combine instruction and drills specifically designed for doubles. One hour of doubles-focused drills and one hour of match play. 

  Updated August 2023.

Specialty Programs:

Stroke Development Series

The Stroke Series and Advanced Stroke Series is designed to improve the technique and understanding of keystrokes. These sessions will utilize progressive drills that will allow players to focus on one stroke at a time. While points and games might also be used, the main emphasis will be on technical development. 

Stroke Series (NTC Rating 2.0 - 3.0)

Advanced Stroke Series (NTC Rating 3.1 - 4.0)

Round Robin (for players age 60+)

Doubles-oriented play. Our pros will create rotations, based on overall playing level, in order to foster an enjoyable playing experience for all involved. Participation is based on the player's performance and ability to work well with other participants.

10:00 AM Weekdays

11:30 AM Weekdays

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the ball rolling on registering for a weekly instructional program.

Q: I’m brand new to the NTC. What do I need to sign up for a program?

A: You will need:

Q: I’m brand new to NTC and have never played tennis before. I don’t have a NTC Rating. Can I register for a program?

A: Yes. If you are brand new to the NTC, you do not need a rating for our introductory programs. These include: Red Ball, NTC Youth, and Intro to Tennis 101. Please send an email to if this applies to you.

Q: Can I register for a program if the session has already begun?

A: Yes. You can sign up for a program at any time. Prices are prorated.

Q: I’m registered for a program, but need to cancel. How can I get a refund?

A: The NTC offers four (4) seasonal sessions for tennis programs year-round. These include Fall (Sept. - Jan.); Winter (Jan. - April); Spring (April - June); and Summer/Camp (June - Aug.) Per our terms and conditions, a student can receive a refund no less than 30 days in advance of the program session's start date, not the student's individual program. Once that date has passed, we can no longer issue a refund. Cancellations incur a $100 administration fee regardless of the date requested. Please send all refund requests to

Q: I’m registered for a program, but my availability has changed and I can no longer attend on that day. What should I do?

A: Per our terms and conditions, a student may switch the day they are enrolled for another scheduled date at any time, provided spaces are available. This will incur a $100 administration fee. Please send an email to for any requests to switch classes.

Q: I’m brand new to NTC and have some tennis experience. If I don’t have a NTC Rating, how can I register for a non-introductory program?

A: If you are brand new to the NTC but are not a beginner with the sport of tennis, you will need to receive a NTC Rating prior to registering. You can do so by scheduling an evaluation or a private lesson.

Q: I’m trying to enroll in a program that fits my NTC Rating, but I cannot register online. Why?

A: All of our programs have age restrictions, with junior programs being the most regimented. Sometimes, a student’s rating may make them eligible for a program even though the student is technically too young or too old to register. Registration may also be affected by other factors not including the aforementioned. If you find yourself in this situation, please send an email to 

Q: I’m interested in registering for the High-Performance Pathway. How do I get started?

A: All prospective high performance students must undergo an evaluation with our Head Pro to be considered for the program. To learn more, please send an email to 

Q: The class I want to enroll in is full. What should I do?

A: We are always looking for new ways to expand our class offerings. If the class you wanted to enroll in is at capacity, don’t lose hope; a spot may become available, or we may be able to create additional spots. We always recommend you register for the waitlist. Sometimes we even create entirely new classes!

Q: Will my program be held indoors or outdoors?

A: Programs are held both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

Q: Is there a chance that my instructor could change during the program session?

A: Yes. Due to instructor availability, which is subject to change, an instructor might not teach for the full duration of a program session. 

Absence Notification Policy for Programs

Absence Notification Policy for Programs: No make-ups for missed classes or no-shows. No refund or credit will be issued and no carryover for missed classes. During each session, a Seasonal Clinic is offered. Students that provide at least 24-hour advance notice may be eligible for one (1) free clinic registration, subject to availability. Please see the Terms and Conditions.   

To qualify for this one (1) clinic per session, the notice of a student’s absence must be given in writing by filling out this form at least 24 hours in advance of the absence. 

Spaces in clinics are limited and not guaranteed, and are subject to availability. 

We are unable to accommodate credits, refunds, or carryovers if you are unable to attend the provided clinic opportunity or miss more than 1 class. Clinics cannot be provided for same-day cancelations, no-shows, late cancelations.

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